We harness the power and knowledge of medical students to reduce the social influence and health effects of alcohol, drugs and tobacco among youth.

How many high school students have experience of ANT?


Have tasted alcohol

In 2016, 11% percent of ninth graders traveled in a car with an intoxicated driver

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Have tested drugs

Synthetic drugs sold over the internet are creating unprecedented access and temptations

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Use tobacco

Already at the age of 25 to 34 smoking can cause changes to the cardiovascular system

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Following education initiatives is your support going to:


A health-promoting initiative where medical students visit class rooms to inform then about the body and how it is impacted by the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

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An initiative where medical students visit class rooms to inform newly arrived migrants and asylum seekers about various health issues

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Health counseling

Choice can help schools promote mental wellbeing among student by offering health related counseling.

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Support us

With the help of contributions, we can ensure that more young people receive their statutory education about the effects of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. And they get it from motivated, knowledgeable and relatable medical students instead of teachers.


A 90-konto is a quality stamp for serious collecting organizations granted only to those associations that meet the Swedish Collecting Control's high standards.