What do we do?

Insamlingsstiftelsen Choice (The Choice foundation) works with medical students to increase young people’s knowledge about health to empower them to take control of their health and thereby lead healthier lives. This is done through preventive initiatives in high schools in which the medical students teach the high schoolers how the body functions and how its functions are affected by alcohol, narcotics and tobacco (ANT). Our vision is a society in which all young people have the highest attainable health and a good start in life.

Core values of our work

Most young people know that alcohol, narcotics and tobacco are health hazardous, but few know why they are. We wish to fill the knowledge gap through our education program. Our organization is thereby built upon the following corner stones:

  • Information and discussion
  • Knowledge and awareness
  • Health and wellbeing

We spread knowledge and increase the awareness of young people through information and discussion to promote health and wellbeing.

Our goal is for the high school students to gain the necessary knowledge and motivation to take stance to and make informed decision in regard to the health and ANT-use. We hope to thereby reduce the role of ANT in the social settings and interactions between young people.

The education program TUTCH

TUTCH, Teens Understanding and Taking Control of Health is Insamlingsstiftelsen Choices education program that is applied in high schools. TUTCH consists of a teaching series with two lessons carried out by specially trained medical students followed by an in depth project carried out by the high school students.

Efforts to produce, develop and distribute TUTCH is done within the scope of the project Youth teaching youth (Ungdomar utbildar ungdomar) sponsored by Arvsfonden.

About us

Insamlingsstiftelsen Choice was founded in January, 2010 by Robert Åkesson, a medical journalist. The organization has since cooperated with the medical program at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Since the fall of 2013 we also cooperate with the medical program at the Health University in Linköping. Today Insamlingsstiftelsen Choice cooperates with six of the seven medical programs in Sweden – in Stockholm, Linköping, Uppsala, Lund, Gothenburg and Örebro.

Insamlingsstiftelsen Choice is a non-profit foundation in need of sponsorship from you and others to continue our important work.