Choice Foundation winner of EU Health Award

Medical Students prevent cancer and unhealthy lifestyle through Choice education program among high school students

The Choice foundation works with medical students to reduce cancer risks and to increase young people’s knowledge about health to empower them to take control of their health and thereby lead healthier lives. This is done through preventive initiatives in high schools in which the medical students teach the high schoolers how the body functions and how its functions are affected by alcohol, narcotics and tobacco. Most young people know that alcohol, narcotics and tobacco are health hazardous, but few know why they’re dangerous and how they can lead to cancer.

Info about the health prize: For the 2021 edition of the EU Health Award, the European Commission rewarded outstanding initiatives by NGOs (or other civil society organisations), and educational institutions seeking to promote communication and health literacy on cancer prevention among children and young people (from 6 to 24 years old) and community-based initiatives alleviating the mental health impact of COVID-19. 110 applications from 15 different EU countries were submitted and examined against the Award criteria. The European Commission selected the shortlisted and winning initiatives based on an evaluation by a Jury composed of Commission officials and external high-level experts. As no submissions were received in the ‘city’ category for the Award on cancer prevention, this category was not awarded.