About Choice

Choice Foundation is an non-profit organization, which is politically and religiously independent. The foundation was founded in January 2010 by the medical journalist Robert Åkesson. It is conducted in collaboration with medical and psychology students who educate high school students and newcomers about alcohol, drugs and tobacco (ANT) through a medical perspective.
Choice also organise theme days for schools, parents and students at universities, colleges and lower and senior high schools.

Since the start, Choice students have taught over 30,000 high school and senior high school students, and educated school staff, teachers, principals and student health teams.

In eight years, the business has grown from Stockholm and the collaboration with medical students at Karolinska Institutet to also interact with the other six medical programs in Sweden; Lund, Gothenburg, Linköping, Örebro, Uppsala and Umeå.

More than 600 medical and psychology students have been certified by Choice. Today, operations are located throughout Sweden.

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