TUTCH- ANT-preventive education

Our education program TUTCH, Teens Understanding and Taking Control of Health, gives students at the national programs increased knowledge about how the body is influenced by alcohol, drugs and tobacco (ANT) so that they can make informed choices about their health and their own use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. So far, we have been able to offer TUTCH to over 30,000 students in primary and secondary schools.

TUTCH- how it works

  • Medical students teaching younger students about the human body and ANT
  • Interactive teaching based on the human body
  • Focus on the students´social context, reflections and thoughts
  • We want to inform- not propagate
  • The programme is incorporated in the sylllabus
  • An administrative fee is charged per occasion
  • For more information, please contact info@stiftelsenchoice.se

Said about Choice

”I like the educational idea not to preach morals and finished conclusions without giving young people information about what is happening with their bodies.  First then they have the freedom to take a stand.”

-Senior High School Teacher 

”They made everything so interesting and they listened to us.”

-High School Student